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Inca Culture & Surf Trips

Our Peruvian Surf Trip starts in the Lima, and goes up and down the coast, visiting these surf spots: Centinela, Bermejo, Huanchaco , Chicama, Pacasmayo and other secret spots. These surf tours are all inclusive. Then goes south to Lima; and visits these surf spots: La Herradura, Punta Hermosa, Punta Rocas, Caballeros, Señoritas, San Bartolo, Puerto Viejo, Cerro Azul also some other secrets surf spots.

We offer Peruvian Surf Trips with or without meals and accommodation. This means you would have to purchase all food and lodging based on your budget type. We can customize your surf trip according to budget and individual needs. Peruvian Surf Trips can be combined with attractions such as archeological places like, Chan Chan, Sipan, Huaca del Sol y La Luna Paramonga Fotress, Pachacamac Lachay, Lucumo and lots more

You will then be transported to Cusco to begin your Machu Picchu adventure. You can ask for the Inca Trek of 2,3,4 days or just going by train, Rainbow Mountain City Tours and more.

Afterwards you will return to Lima for your flight home. Within reason, we can customize your tour to your specifications which can also include some of the following options: Ballestas Island, Huacachina, Ica sand boarding experience, dune buggy experience, winery tours, Nazca lines, etc.

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Peruvian Surf Trip to  Mancora

Starting in Lima, this surf tour hits the best surf spots in the Lima area and goes all the way to Mancora making stops in Punta Hermosa, Punta Rocas,  Pico Alto, Caballeros, Señoritas, San Bartolo, Peñascal, Puerto Viejo,

Centinela, Bermejo, Playa Grande, Huanchaco, Chicama , Pacasmayo, Lobitos, Cabo Blanco, Mancora and other secret surf spots.

Mínimum 13 days 12 nights 


Peruvian Surf Trip Starting in Trujillo to Mancora

this surf trip will hit  the best surf spots from Trujillo to Mancora  starting in Huanchaco, Chicama , Pacasmayo, Lobitos, Cabo Blanco, Mancora and other secret surf spots.

Mínimum 7 days 6 nights


Peruvian Backpackers Surf Trip

You can hire a surf tour guide from any of our locations and start your surf trip by bus from Punta Hermosa, Lima, or From Chicama or Trujillo to Lima.

You can also rent one  car from us and one tour guide and start  your trip from Lima. Where all the flights land  first in Peru.

Travel from Lima all the way to Mancora  2 hours from the  border with Ecuador country.

If you want advise on how to do your surf trip in Peru contact us we would be glad to help you.


Surf information:

Weather-Sun year round, with some cloudy days in the months of June,July and August.

Surf swells all year long!!!  There are waves year round; however the longer 1 km plus waves usually happen between April to September.

Open to all levels. There are a few fat sections with breck on sandy bottom making it perfect for beginners. But there are also hollow barrel sections that are geared more for advanced surfers.

The beach is almost 100 percent sandy; with only a few odd rocky corners.

You need wetsuit (3/2) to surf here. Especially  May, June, July, August, September.

Surf current.-It is very storm at this area in Peru  we do normally walk  to the surf spots in order to get cath more waves.

Surf Sweel are south to north from May to November  after that  North swells start to hit this area until April​

Tide.- It is not a issue at Chicama! Most of the time only gets up or down 15 to meters normally  weird but happen some times the tide can rise to more 20 meters

Wind.- It is not a problem as it is of shore wind but for you to surf early mornies are best time in Chicama area.

There are numerous surf spots around Chicama; Pacasmayo and Huanchaco being the most popular. Some can be accessed with a car. Some are more secret and definitely require a guide.

Surf Photography is available upon request.